10 days camp terms for 2021 - 2022
Camp starts on May 31st
We offer 10, 20 and 30 days terms

USA Summer Fun Camp is all about happy days in calm and safe city of Clark, New Jersey that is just about 30 minutes from heart of New York.

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Sleepaway Camp - 15% off Day Camp - 15% off
10 Days $1,500 $1,275 n/a
20 Days $2,250 $1,915 n/a
30 Days $2,650 $2,255 $2,000 $1,700
60 Days n/a $3,765 $3,200

* All prices are subject to NJ sales tax (7%)
* There is one time registration fee $50 for every applicant
* Siblings receive 10% discount (starting with 2nd)
* Child(ren) of a single parent each receive 10% discount
* Child(ren) of Active-duty Police and Firefighters each receive 10% discount
* International sleepaway camp starts on Monday, June 1st
* Day camp starts on Monday, June 29

The organizers are experts in this field as totally run and managed more than hundred different camps worldwide. So all the best experience now is concentrated in this USA Summer Fun Camp where we are expecting few hundred participants from around the world.

Our multinational Summer Fun Camp 2021-2022 is specific and stands out from others because we offer wide range of activity. You want to improve your English - you'll get it, you want sport - you'll get it, you want arts - you'll get it, you want travel - you'll get it, you want entertainment - you also get it.

Every day will be different.

All participant are divided in small groups by age, activity and have their own leader who is supervising them all the time. In our camp it is allowed to arrive and live with parents. For adults we also provide verities of interesting activities on site.

All campers will be living in hotel rooms. 2-4 people in the room.

Every participant will choose one or more activities of their interest.

Main activities:
KarateKarate training for all levels from beginners to experts. Lessons will be given by Grand Master Dan Kairaitis.
Boxing - Boxing workouts will be available for all levels and age participants. Training will be conducted by a trainer, multiple-time international competitor and medalist.
BasketballBasketball will be available for all students but also there will be professional sportsmen group.
Special Samurai Jujitsu Self-DefenseSpecial Samurai Jujitsu Self-Defense is an activity for all. Lessons will be given by Grand Master Dan Kairaitis.
Krav MagaKrav Maga classes led by our special guest master.
SwimmingSwimming is activity for all. Students are supervised by swimming coaches and lifeguards.

Additional activities ( Suggest your own and we do our best to fullfill )
- Soccer
- Drawing
- Painting
- Fishing
- Field Trips
- Picnics
- Various small team games

* Most indoor activities were replaced with outdoor sports and travel during and post Covid 19 pandemic.
All safety protocols, including but not limiting to the personal and social distancing, masking, sanitizing, etc. are in place with accordance to CDC recommendations